Refill E Cig Cartridge

How to refill e cig cartridges:

There are two basic ways of refilling your e cigarette with e-liquid. The drip method and the injection method.

With the drip method you’ll need to get a dripper and some fresh e-liquid. This is a pretty easy method can can potentially become messy if you aren’t careful. First off, open up the cartridge and remove the filling. Drip a few drops of the e liquid into the cartridge and replace the filling. Allow the filling to soak up those few drops of ejuice then add a couple more drops on top of the filling. You want to saturate the filling but not so much that there is standing liquid left on top of the filling. This method can take a while since you have to let everything soak up.

The injection method requires e-juice and a syringe. This method is also fairly easy and is usually much less messy. First step is to remove the cap on your cartridge. Then use your syringe to extract your fresh e liquid from the bottle. Take your full syringe and insert the needle and inject the liquid evenly throughout the filling. Make sure you don’t overfill.Put the cap back on your cartridge, reassemble everything and you’re ready to start vaping again. Replace any left over e-juice back in the bottle and clean your syringe with fresh water.


Refillable E Cig Cartridges


The number of refillable e cig cartridge flavors continues to grow as the industry gets bigger and bigger every day.

Here are some of the most popular flavored cartridges: (1) Vanilla, (2) Menthol, (3) Cherry, (4) tobacco, (5) java, (6) pina colada, (7) peach, (8) Chocolate, (9) Peppermint, and (10) Mint Tea.

The price of a 5 pack of nicotine refillable cartridge continues to stay around $9.95 to $12.00.  If manage to find a coupon code or get them during a sale, the price is a lot cheaper.

If you elect to buy a larger number than five cartridge at one time, most online stores will give you a nice price break.  Most people tend to take advantage of larger bulk orders once they figure out how much they smoke and how often they need to buy reorders.

Getting the bulk order is also beneficial when you consider having to wait for delivery time.